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Where We Began

At the cutting edge of IT since the early nineties, with a track record stretching back more than twenty years, Domicilium started life as a software business. Our specialism was porting legacy applications to the new graphical Windows environment, and we gradually evolved into writing bespoke software for large blue-chip organisations, with our most important client being DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation).

At this stage, we already had expert knowledge of the internet: having gained a PhD in Computer Science at the Universities of Lancaster and Pittsburgh, our founder was experienced in disseminating research data online. Consequently, as soon as the appropriate use laws were dropped for the internet in 1995, we became one of the first thirty ISPs in Europe.

A Track Record That's  Kept Us on the Rails

Unlike the majority of our original competitors, we have neither gone out of business nor been acquired by another company and undergone endless name changes. From the outset, we decided to focus on the niche market of the Isle of Man, benefiting from both 0% corporate tax and a unique regulatory environment prioritising leading-edge sectors such as e-gaming.

Where We Are Today

Adding value to everything you do, Domicilium today is far more than just an ISP and data centre: we consider ourselves an IP engineering business. Quite simply, we’re here to solve the technical and process challenges you need to overcome, adding immense value to your bottom line. For instance, if you require a high-volume trading platform, whether for payment processing, online gaming or registrations via a domain name platform, we will transform your requirements into reality. If you have grown too quickly or just need a fresh perspective on your business processes, Domicilium is here to help.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that one solution can never fit everyone. For example, a startup business will experience completely different cycles from a mature company. We reflect this by building platforms and solutions that can grow with our clients, enabling them to add or remove services at will to reflect their changing growth cycle.

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