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DDoS Protection Services

The core of our DDoS protection service is our resilient cleaning network, which provides key analysing and filtering mechanisms.

Our heavy investment in infrastructure means that we operate as a global tier–1 service provider, peering directly with other tier–1 ISPs for traffic exchange, and enjoying unparalleled access to the capacity levels required to provide the highest level of DDoS protection.

The cleansing network is directly attached to our upstream bandwidth providers, allowing DDoS attack traffic to be taken “off–net” and cleaned. This approach enables us to offer higher levels of DDoS protection on dedicated infrastructure whilst isolating attack traffic from our regular upstream connections — ensuring that a DDoS attack does not impact service for any other customers.

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We provide highly resilient and stable services, utilising our wholly owned world-class data centre facilities and network infrastructure.

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Our track record, product range, technical skills and commitment to service are the reason that our e-business clients choose to transact several billion US Dollars every month from the Domicilium infrastructure.

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