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A Licensed Provider with a Proven Disaster Recovery Track Record

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Proven Disaster Recovery Services

Imagine a number of unrelated incidents virtually destroying the telecommunications infrastructure of your primary jurisdiction. This sounds unlikely but is exactly the situation that a number of businesses faced in December 2014.

Clients from all over the world regularly benefit from the protection that Domicilium provide. Businesses from Canada to Malta to Manila have invoked during outages in their primary jurisdiction mitigating both financial and reputational risks associated with downtime.

Domicilium have been providing disaster recovery services to a number of different business sectors for over ten years. As a licensed disaster recovery provider we offer the co-location and networking facilities on which the Island’s reputation has been built.

If problems occur you need to know that your business will continue to operate. Domicilium provide the same high quality network and co-location service to all its clients. These world class services are underpinned by our technical team who will do what it takes to keep you running. We have the commitment, reputation and experience to help you protect your business when it is at its most vulnerable.

In the unlikely event of a disaster in your primary jurisdiction, wouldn’t you want the peace of mind that only Domicilium can provide?

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We provide highly resilient and stable services, utilising our wholly owned world-class data centre facilities and network infrastructure.

Our clients benefit from peace of mind but most importantly we are passionate about customer service.

Our track record, product range, technical skills and commitment to service are the reason that our e-business clients choose to transact several billion US Dollars every month from the Domicilium infrastructure.

If uptime and service are a priority to your business then contact Domicilium today.